Faq //


What are you looking for in a client?

I want to document moments in the lives of those who will open themselves up to me; be vulnerable and kind; and be ready and

willing to connect with their loves. I wouldn't be doing this if all I could ever be was just another vendor and stranger at your wedding.

For me, emotionally, I can't allow myself to play that role. I respectfully refuse. Let's create something TOGETHER. Let's connect in a

meaningful way.


Are we a good fit for each other?

I'm available to anyone but not necessarily the best fit for everyone.

My couples know the value of photography and they consider it to be an important investment. They feel something when they view

my work. They want emotional, natural images of their own love. They prioritize their photos on their wedding day. They aren't afraid to

have fun or get a little vulnerable during a shoot. They enjoy the process of taking the photos, not just the outcome. 


Do you travel?

Yes! I just need travel and boarding accommodations to make it happen! (Usually a roundtrip plane ticket and at least a two-night stay

at a nearby hotel.)

Do you work with a second shooter?

I bring an assistant that help´s me  throught the day, maybe you will find him/her shooting some detail shots or something like that. But don´t expect him/her to be shooting your groom or doing an important task, I will take care of those :).

 Hiring a 2nd shooter it´s an option and you will find that on my price list add-ons. 

Do you shoot elopements?

Yes, yes, yes. I get so pumped when my couples want to keep their wedding intimate and relevant to their personal relationship. Let's

go on an adventure and take some rad photos of your love. Let's capture that commitment the very best way we can. Ditch those

arbitrary traditions and do it your very own way. 


What can I expect during my session?

My goal is to create images that showcase your love and unique connection. My shoots thrive off of near-constant movement so we'll

do a lot of walking. Most of the time, I snap away while you interact with one another. In order to photograph natural and sincere

interactions, I guide these moments and give you things to do while I shoot. I will ask you questions about your relationship and it can

get quite personal. Be thoughtful about your answers and come ready to connect with your love. 


Why a separate bridal session? What's a first look?

If we're the right fit for each other, then you'll be setting aside time for wedding portraits. These can take place anytime: before your

wedding, on your wedding day, or even after your wedding. In my experience, it's best to take these before your wedding and to

include a "first look." Weddings are so wonderful but they can be stressful and tiring. Schedules go out the window and time and

energy can get lost in all the lovely chaos. After all that planning, you'll be ready to just enjoy the experience with your partner, friends,

and family. You won't want to be pulled away for an hour while your guests wait around. And you'll definitely want to ensure we have

good lighting for your ceremony AND your portraits - which is rarely the case when you do both on the same day. Because of all this, I

strongly encourage you to set aside time for a separate bridal session. It will just be you and your person. A once-in-a-lifetime,

emotional moment to yourselves. No pressure. You won't have to worry about crowds, rushing through that moment, impatient family

members, or event schedules. I can promise you, you will never regret setting aside that time to just be together (and to capture

incredible images to remember it all).

Should I plan my day around good lighting?

Good lighting is everything. If there is one thing I want you to plan your day around, it would be that. Especially consider this when

planning your ceremony and wedding portraits or when choosing the venue for getting ready. If you want to receive images that truly

highlight how special those moments were, I strongly suggest having your ceremony during the last couple hours of light. For one

thing, your images need less processing and can be delivered much sooner. For another, I sincerely believe you'll be happier with the

final result. If that's not an option, full shade is the next best thing. If possible, have your ceremony in a fully shaded area with no

dappled light. Don't hesitate to ask if you need scheduling or location advice.


Tell me more about your editing.

I individually edit every image you receive. Some of those images will be in black and white but most will be in color. I don't Photoshop

bodies or superimpose things into the shot that weren't there to begin with. However, I do take special care to fix any skin

inconsistencies and remove any elements that may be distracting.